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You claim I'm just a dreamer
Is that so bad?
Yes the stars fill my eyes
And for that I'm glad
To you I'm just a fool
A complete unrealistic
You shun my ideas
That my beliefs are not idealistic
But am I truly the fool here?
Could it be that it's you?
I live for what could be
Not what is institute
So you can continue with the insults
But I'll continue to scheme
You can be realistic
But I'll live for the dream
:iconknight99:knight99 2 0
Tennessee Lights
Tennessee Lights and Mountain Wind
There's a whisper in the wind
I hear it every now and then
On summer nights nice and cool
When the sun gives off a magnificent hue
It's then I do behold
Behind the mountains a light does glow
Wild roses perfume the night air
Intoxicated I'm caught up in the moon's bright glare
That's when the Tennessee lights call me
That's when the music beckons me
When my heart begs to be free
I know it's time for me to flee
Underneath sky's starry light
Fireflies take flight
Flashing on the big black canvas
While lighting rolls above us
I write blindly in the dark
In the hills I hear a coyote's bark
Stars ride dark clouds
Miles away from those arena crowds
Crickets and frogs sing
With the distant interstate ring
Echoing off the mountain
Showered by big dippers fountain
Shadows and noises in the night
Shy away from my internal light
My muse is in motion
Filling me with emotion
I can't stop once I get started
I'm on a ride not for the weak hearted
:iconknight99:knight99 1 0
Dare to Dream :iconknight99:knight99 1 4
What is My Prize?
What is My Prize?
What do I have to give?
What do I have to lose?
Why do I live?
What path do I choose?
Why does my heart beat?
What is my prize?
Is there any thing to achieve?
Why does the sun still rise?
Why am I on this global?
Is there a true path?
Why am I special?
What do I lack?
Is there a puzzle piece missing?
Is a part of me lost?
Is there something to the wishing?
What is the cost?
Is there a place where I should be?
When is my time?
Is there my Destiny?
What is my Prize?
:iconknight99:knight99 1 1
Stained glass Art :iconknight99:knight99 1 1


Dimbledopp the Norther
In a far corner of the Gutterscape, deep within the Scaly Forrest, there is a Resident creature, known as Dimbledopp The Norther. He is known far and wide by his reputation: To point unerringly to the North by habit. However tthis creature is actually a deceiver, and often tricks travelers, by pointing to lure them into pits and traps, instead of to the North. Here we see a trio of Mourning Residents, who are using the Norther to navigate there way to a funeral. He has decided to guide them accurately, but later he will probably trick a different traverler.
i have been working some on the gutterscape videogame lately, to make it into more of a "complete" and finished game, that could be downloaded and played by many peopel the world over. it is an important projecte for me.

If you are reading this, then probably you have some familiartity with "THe Gutterscape," a world that I frequently make up stories and illistrations of. Well, this game is about The Gutterscape, many of you already know that but I feel like to "cover the bases," that needs to be said.

I've incorporated many works by many of my artist friends into this game, a lot of work from Henry Blat and Edward Hommelgaard, plus some from the great seeker, bertrand phillousberg, voxhunden, shadesofparanoia, veguitarat, blindbirdwatcher, samm13, catscaps, and quite the few others.

What I'm looking for now, is a pictuer that I can use as the basis for a "boss fight, " for those who dont know thats a big fight with an extra big sized monster or villain, that happens at a climactic part of the game. In the game will be five boss fights, and four of them are figured out, you could say that they ve been "locked down" if you will, but theres one boss fight that i cant get quite a good idea for...

So here is the contest "challenge" for you: create a picture of a large "bos" type of enemy, for players of the game to do batle with.

Here are some hints for what I'm looking for:

-It should look like it would fit in with the look of the gutterscape

-It must be a new picture made just for this, not something old that you already have and would like to enter

-In this part of the game, the player has taken control of a "flying machine" so it should be something very large that you would fight while in a flying machine, though it need not also be flying.

-You dont have to figure out how the boss works and wht kind of moves it does, and what it's environment is like, and even if you do, i might want to change it. What I want is just a good image that has a good look for whatt i want

-Some of you I am already using some of your art for an idea of a boss fight, so you are disqualified from this. Henry Blat, shades of paranoia, edward hommelgaard and me are not allowed to enter the contest!!

If you win, the prize is that I will put your idea into the game, along with a credit to you with your name on it! The game will be free for anyone to play, so who knows how many people will see your work?? I will choose the winner in a few weeks, I am almost to that part of the game where I'm going to need it.
  • Listening to: Escape of the Mutant
  • Reading: Charles Dickens: On Trial
  • Watching: Wings
  • Playing: Unstable Table
  • Eating: A meat loaf
  • Drinking: Spempers Great American Pilsner


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Bernard Fazling
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: The Lands of All Time
Favourite genre of music: Calasical
Personal Quote: Destroy conventions, Destroy beauty


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